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It’s obvious, stopping is important. Brakes keep the driver behind you from ending up in your trunk and good brakes keep your family safe in the knowledge the car will stop when it needs to. 

At MFA we take brake repair very seriously, and will hand your car back to you with optimal braking performance. We inspect or replace pads, rotors, calipers, brake-lines, fluids and anything else required to make sure your brake repair experience is one you’ll recommend to your friends.

There’s also a lot more to brake repair than just making sure your car stops when it needs to. Sometimes brakes make annoying sounds and create pedal feedback such as  squealing, grinding, pulsating. Those are a few of the main concerns we hear about, and it’s usually an easy and inexpensive fix.

Please feel free to have us check your brakes at any time at no cost. 

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