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1. In 2008 Volkswagen announced the building of a new U.S. Plant, in what city ?

2. In what year was Volkswagen first sold in the U.S. ?

FYI -During the first year of sales in the U.S. only 2 units were sold.

3. In 1972 the VW Beetle became the 3rd star along with Barbra Streisand + Ryan O'Neal in what movie ?

4. In what year was the VW Golf released ?

5. What does the word Volkswagen mean ?

6. In what year did the VW bay window camper stop production ?

7. How many cars did Volkswagen sell in its first year in the US ?

8. The Beetle was built from when to when ?

9. The average resale value of a 1960 VW after four years was ?

10. A 1965 marketing survey revealed the percentage of Americans who knew a VW delivered up to 32 mpg ?

11. In 1964, suggested list price for the new optional sliding door (M 161) for Panelvans was ?

12. With over 30,000,000 units produced from 1974 to 2013, the VW Golf is the ?

volkswagen quiz

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