Do You Love Audi? Test Your Knowledge

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1. The Audi Four-Ring Logo Was Introduced In What Year?

2. Which Audi Model Does Not Come With A Hatch Door?

3. What Year Did Audi First Offer The R8 GT Spyder For Sale In The U.S?

4. Which One Of These Slogans Is Pure Audi?

5. Following Production Every Audi R8 Body Is Run Through A _ _ _ _ _?

6. What Does The RS Stand For In Audi’s Model Lineup?

7. Audi Has Been Conducting Crash Tests Since?

8. The Performance Car, The "Audi Quattro" Was Introduced In?

9. In Latin Audi Means The Same As The Founders Name "Horch" Means In German, What Does It Mean?

10. The International Olympic Committee Sued Audi Over The Use Of The Rings Logo In _ _ _ _ ? Audi Won the Case

11. If You Travel To Germany To Visit Audi Headquarters Which City Would You Go To?

12. The Leather Interior Of An Audi A8 Has _ _ _ _ _ Individual Stitches?

13. An Autonomously Driven Audi TTS Made It To The Top Of Pikes Peak In _ _ _ _?

The team named the car Shelley after Audi rally driver Michèle Mouton, who was the first woman to win a World Rally Championship round and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

14. What Is Audi’s Famous All-Wheel Drive Called?

15. What NH City Is Manchester Foreign Auto Located In?