mercedes quiz

Test Your Knowledge Take Our Mercedes Quiz

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mercedes quiz

1. In what year did the company then known as Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) register the now famous three-pointed star (Mercedes logo) as a trademark?

2. Mercedes-Benz emblem is a 3-pointed star. What do the three points symbolize?

3. Which is the most expensive of the following Mercedes-Benz cars?

4. What were Mercedes-Benz's first postwar models?

5. What do the "S" and "L" stand for in Mercedes-Benz model names like the 300SL and 500SL?

6. Carl Benz applied for the original patent for what many consider to be the first automobile on January 29th

German patent number 37435 was officially listed as a “three-wheeled vehicle powered by a gas engine.

7. What year was the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL model that featured the iconic Gullwing doors that today are still associated with luxury and modern design?

8. In what year did Mercedes introduce the worlds first 5-cylinder engine?

9. What American semi truck manufacturer is owned by Mercedes parent company, Daimler AG?

10. How many horsepowers did the first Mercedes-named car have?