vw bus porsche quiz

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vw bus porsche quiz

I came across the above photo and story at thrillist.com It's a 1962 VW Bus with a air-cooled six-cylinder Porsche 993 Bi-Turbo engine and a six-speed 996 GT-3 gearbox. It was built by Fred Bernhard, a Swiss man who spent four years tricking out the 1962 VW T1 Split Window shell. Click the link to learn more.



1. Ferdinand Porsche created the worlds first Hybrid electric vehicle in what year?

public domain

The Lohner-Porsche Elektromobil was essentially an electric car with an internal combustion motor used as a generator. It was also the first car with brakes on all four wheels.

2. In what year did Porsche Design develop the world’s first black chronograph watch?

It was all about functionality, so the face mimicked the gauges in a car. It also happened to be stunning.

3. Porsche racecars have won more races across the globe than anyone, how many would that be?

4. The 911 used air-cooled engines for decades, what year did they switch to to water-cooled engines?

5. In what year was the Porsche Cayenne SUV introduced?

6. Porsche was named after it's founder Ferdinand Porsche, how is the car's name pronounced?

7. The first appearance of a Porsche at the historic 12 Hours of Sebring endurance race was in?

8. In the original 356 Speedster which "one" of these was standard equipment?

9. The 1960 North American starting price for a Porsche was?

10. Max Hoffman displayed the first U.S. Porsches in his New York City showroom by late 1950, how many U.S. dealerships where there in 1969?

11. In 1992 it took 125 hours to build a Porsche 911, how long did it take in 1994?

12. In 2017 the 1,000,000 911 was built aa a Carrera S in the special color "Irish Green,"

Jake and the whole Manchester Foreign Auto crew salute them on a job well done.

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