Test Your Knowledge Take The Subaru Quiz

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Take a look at the first advertisements in the U.S. from Subaru and then take the Subaru Quiz to test your knowledge of their company and cars.


1. The First Subaru Advertised In The U.S. Were Described As What?

2. When Was Subaru Founded?

3. Why Does The WRX And The WRX STi Have Hood Scoops?

4. What Does Tribeca Stand For?

5. People Buy Subaru Primarily Because?

6. Jake Not Only Fixes Subaru He Has Owned Them?

7. What Does Subaru Stand For?

8. Subaru Is Part Of What Company?

9. According To Motorsports How Many Times Has Subaru Won The World Rally Championship Since 1973?

10. Subaru's Engine Layout Is Know As?

11. What Percentage Of WRX Drivers Report They've Gotten A Ticket?

12. In Addition To Building Cars The Subaru Indiana Plant Is Known For It's?

13. What Does Sti Stand For?

14. What Does The RA Stand For On The WRX STi RA Model?

15. What Year Was The "Pignose" STi Introduced?